Put your Proposition in Pole Position

Anyone whom has worked on Bids or Proposals knows that no matter how many hours or late night pizza and pepsi your team may have consumed to produce a bid you’d be proud to show prospective employers, we know that the first page the Tender Assessor goes to is the Tender Form (to see just how little a margin you’re going to make on the job).

While most Tender criteria is heavily weighted on cost (generally seventy percent) don’t let this discouraging little fact stop you from trying your darndest. Keep in mind the following hot tips for your next bid strategy meeting:

Resist the temptation to declare a plethora of promises and capabilities. Unless you’re a super niche business, your competitors will most likely offer the same services. Instead, focus on the ‘how’ – select one value proposition (VP) that is most aligned to what is important to your client.
Communicate your VP clearly and simply.

‘Unpack’ your VP by elaborating on what it means to the client, and how it will add value to the job and their overall service experience.

Make sure any justifications and images you include (i.e. capabilities/experience) complement and reaffirm your VP.

Put your VP on page three of your Tender Response. Page three is the ‘Park Lane’ of your Bid. It is the first page that people will give the most time to read (after checking the price) so make sure your VP is carefully constructed in the page layout so it can be identified and understood within five seconds.

Till next time, crack some whids!

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