Be a Writer not a Fighter

It seems to me, that lately, whenever I read the newspaper, it feels like I’m staring at roadkill baked by ignominy and hot tar for a month. Wouldn’t it be sweet if every once in a while, an angry fellow dropped his Glock and pulled up his socks to grapple with words rather than blokes?

The happiest kind of struggle is trying to find the word that expresses your intention to its fullest! Coleridge once said, that good prose is words in their best order and poetry is the best words in the best order.

Now, unless you’re prepping for a Spelling Bee Contest, remember that words can never be treated in isolation. When writing, try not to see the single word, but rather, the sense of the words working together to form meaning or function.

Words are never static. Meaning, intention, even the spelling of a word may change according to the social conventions in each time. Words go in and out of fashion. Words are beautiful living things that can either take on a good relationship with another word, or have an awkward uncomfortable coupling with another.

Whatever words you mash together, make every word count.

Till next time, crack a whid!

WordSmith Jo

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